Frequently Asked Questions / Resources

How do I create a trial event?

What are the costs to use the site?

Access to the site is FREE for clubs!

Each club sets its own trial fee that players pay when registering for a trial, which includes a administration fee ($2.20AUD, $2.50NZD or £2, depending on your club’s location) plus a small payment processing fee. The administration fees are the minimum amount a player will be charged to attend a trial.

As a club, you may choose whether to include the administration fees in the overall trial fee, or add it on so that the player absorbs the cost.

Can my club pay the fee on behalf of the players?

Yes! We understand that some clubs don’t wish to charge players to trial. Thankfully, we have an option for clubs to pay the fee instead of the players. When creating your trial, click the “Club to pay all player fees” option, and the credit card payment system will be removed from the player registration process. Instead, the club’s nominated credit card will be charged when a player registers.

Can I use NETBALLTRIALS.COM outside of Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain?

Yes, however you will only be able to set your trial fees in AUD, NZD or GBP.

My credit card details have changed. Can I update them?

Yes. If your credit card has expired or you wish to use a different card for charges to your club, go to your Settings page, click “Payment Methods” and you will find options to add and remove credit cards, as well as select which card you would like to set as your default card.

Can I add a club logo?

Yes! Click “settings” in the home menu, then click “Edit” under “Club Details”. Scroll to the bottom to upload your logo, which will then display on your registration pages.

How do I contact players who’ve registered for a trial?

Visit your trial page through the “My Trials” button on the homepage, and click the “Email Players” option on the left. On the next page, enter your message to email to players and hit ‘submit’. Here you can also add an attachment to send out to players, as well as view previous messages you’ve sent to players in that trial.

Will I need internet access in order to run my trials?

Yes. is a web-based application, so in order to use the ‘roll call’ and generate trial rounds, you will need access internet access at your venue, or tether your computer to a smartphone.

Can I create my trial rounds before the day?

Absolutely. If you’d prefer to organise your rounds before your trial day, or don’t have internet access or a printer at your venue, you can simply generate the rounds at home. Open your trial and use the ‘roll call’ to select all players (or those who you know are attending), generate the rounds and you’ll be good to go!

Can I import my own list of players for a trial?

Yes! allows you to import an Excel spreadsheet of players to include in your trial. Once you have created your trial, visit your trial page, click “Import Players” in the left menu and follow the instructions, paying particular attention to the column details in your spreadsheet. Your club will be charged the administration fee for each player imported, plus a small payment processing fee for each imported list.

How many rounds will be generated for my trial?

The trial generator will create as many rounds as required to fulfil the trial parameters you set, which are:

  • How many runs each player must receive
  • How many runs in their number one position
  • How many courts you are using

*Please note: the program will automatically allocate every player at least one run in their second position preference, to ensure they have played in both positions.

We recommend conducting some test runs at home prior to your trial date, to ensure your parameters will be achievable on the trial day. For example, if you have 60 players attending and wish for each player to get on court four times, the generator will create a huge number of rounds in order to achieve this - likely more than you will be able successfully complete in one trial session!

Can my trials and player ratings be run completely online?

Yes! Our new ‘player rater’ feature gives you the option to allow your selectors to rate players and make notes/feedback on each player via their computer/tablet/phone - no more paper or printing required!

This feature lets you add selectors to your trial, with each selector automatically emailed a personal link to let them access the trial rounds online and input their own ratings and feedback.

All feedback is then collated for review by your clubs’ Head Selector.

Follow the simple steps in the video below to see how this feature works!


Who can view the ratings and feedback?

Selectors can view their own ratings and feedback within the trials system. Only selectors who have been given ‘Head Selector’ status can view other selectors’ ratings for each player.

Head Selectors can also make changes to trial rounds, as well use the team selector tool to pick teams after trials.

You can add a new selector, change the status of a selector or add/remove their access at any time by clicking the ‘Selectors List’ option in your trial dashboard.

Can I download a spreadsheet of all of the selectors’ ratings and notes?

Yes! Club admins and Head Selectors can access a spreadsheet of all ratings from each trial. Follow the simple steps in the video below.

What if I don't have enough players in a particular position?

If you don’t have enough players in a certain position to fill a round/court, the program will leave those positions blank and mark them in red. You will need to select other players to fill those positions by clicking “edit” next to the applicable round.

Can I create custom trial rounds?

Yes. Simply go to your specific trial day and click “New Round” in the left-hand menu. This will open a two-team selector that allows you to allocate every position on the court. Click “Submit” to save the round - it will now appear at the bottom of your list of rounds.

You can also edit any rounds that have been generated for you. This is particularly handy if you want to see certain match-ups or see a player in a particular position. In your Round List, click “edit” beside the round you wish to change and select the players and positions you wish to re-allocate.

What if a player registers for the wrong trial?

If a player registers for the wrong trial/age group, you can quickly and easily transfer them into the correct trial. Follow the simple steps in the video below.

***Please note - players can only be transferred before they have been marked as attending in a roll call. Once they have been marked in a roll call, they are locked into that trial.

What if a player turns up without registering?

Players can still be registered as a late sign-up during the roll call process. If a player arrives who hasn’t registered, just click the “Add unregistered player” button on the top right of the ‘roll call’ page, and enter their details. For expediency, this form only requests basic details from the player. You will need to enter their full details later for inclusion in team lists for coaches etc.

*Please also be aware that for late arrivals the fees will be deducted from your club’s overall payout, so you may wish to collect a cash payment from the player to cover their trial fee.

What if a player arrives late?

Having players arrive after trials have already started has long been a major challenge for netball clubs. But with that challenge is a thing of the past!

If a player arrives late, simply go to your list of games and click “Add Late Arrival” in the left menu. Here you can choose to add one or more players into the list of players in attendance, and then re-generate all of your rounds based on how many have already been played. For example, if a player arrives during Round 3, you can add them into the system and re-generate all rounds from Round 4 or 5 onwards, with the new player included.

Please note: the generator prioritises players who have been on court the fewest number of times, so a late arrival may potentially be put on court immediately. If you wish for them to be able to complete a warm-up, you should leave an additional round before re-generating.

What if a player needs to leave early?

If a player needs to leave your trial early or becomes injured during the trial, you can quickly and easily replace them in all future rounds they were scheduled to play in.

Use the ‘Remove early leaver’ option in your trials dashboard by following the steps in the video below.

Can I remove players from my trial list?

If a player withdraws from your trials or you wish to remove them from your main player list, you can place them into a list of “archived” players. Once archived, they will no longer appear in your roll call or team selector, and will be moved to a list of archived players below your main player list. To archive a player, go to your player list in a specific trial, click on the player and then select the “Archive Player” option in the left menu. You can reinstate an archived player at any time by scrolling down to the list of archived players, clicking the player and then selecting “Unarchive Player” from the left menu.

How do I select my teams?

When will my club receive its payout?

Trial fees are paid out to your club after the final day of your trial event. Please allow up to three days for payouts to reach your nominated bank account.

As a player, can I get a refund if I can't attend on the day?

Refunds must be requested directly through the club you have registered to trial for, however please be aware the administration fees will still apply for the registration.