Netball trials or selections are one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks facing netball clubs each and every year.

From advertising trial dates to registering players, collecting trial fees, creating selection rounds and finally selecting your teams, it’s a process that takes many, many hours that could be better spent elsewhere.

Netballtrials.com does all of that work for you in minutes!

Our easy to use platform allows you to:

  • Create trial events
  • Create a registration link for players to sign up
  • Securely collect trial fees
  • Capture player information including preferred positions
  • Send trial reminders
  • Automatically generate trial rounds in seconds, based on how many courts you have, how many runs each player will receive and how many times you wish to view them in their number one position
  • Select your teams and send team lists to your coaches and team managers

Best of all, with netballtrials.com there’s no more scrambling to fill positions in trial rounds when players don’t turn up! Our ‘roll call’ feature allows you to tick players off as they arrive and then generate your rounds in seconds based ONLY on the players in attendance.

If you’re ready to streamline your netball selection process, netballtrials.com is your number one trials solution.